Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 11 - Bad Seed

Right you are K-K-Ken.

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our intrepid crew, they had managed to escape a riot but were left in an interdimension Drunk Tank. (I need to update the wiki with what the Matmos is….and yes, I am still a little mad at myself for not going with Ytiruces for he name). The stage was set for a show down between Amaranth and Viridian where old loyalties didn’t matter (Chaz thanks you for the save Koko and Sharna). Companion warriors (Viridian ’s brother vs the red ogre beast) clashed until security finally intervened and order was restored. When the group was finally released the big news was the forfeiture of the big fight and the disappearance of the fighters, it being the first time the Matmos has ever intervened in a fight. All bets were off and investigations have started into the anomalies found in the betting computers. Chaz in the end was grateful for the save from the riot and the proximity to Crabfingers Kobyashi (who most likely got out of the riot, but current whereabouts are unknown).

On the train back to Chaz’s hotel a few things have come out. First, Vekna definitely knows Sharna. Second, Amaranth does not like anyone. Third Chaz knows George and said something very interesting about “a plan” being ready.

Viridian separated himself at the station and headed back to the ship (also did a little shopping for Zig)…Radar was no where to be found.



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