Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 12 - Dinner Date with Disaster

You can come to the party, you just can't come in me.

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our heroes Dinner wit Chaz was just as awkward as one would think.

Viridian, in an attempt to stay low key, followed behind the rest of the group heading up to dinner. Viridian, failing in that attempt, assisted and was possessed by an amorphous intelligent cloud named Morph, won a jackpot and room off of a free pull slot machine, and was escorted by a host to the same elevator that the rest of the party was headed to.

Dinner was filled with misdirection, angry stares from Amaranth, the delicious (yet tricky) fine dining on death slugs, and eventualy the invitation to join Chaz at a party in his new suite.

A quick call to Party Inc and a full on bacchanalian rave was in full effect. Altuniius retired to the bouncy house labyrinth and was last seen in lube alley. Chaz (fueled by various drugs) led his guests around the revelery and finally managed to let the group know that he was willing to Go with them and meet George to continue with the “plan”. The only problem was the body guards….all three needed to be dealt with. Sharna, whose rapport with Vekna was very friendly after he forced a noodle vendor to make her a bowl, managed to convince him to head off and run her errand/side job for Wong (of Wong’s famous noodles). A few persuasive rolls later and Vekna had quit his job, gotten a bounty placed on him, and headed off to find a way to get Wong’s shipment of death slugs and mushrooms. Amaranth was in a dark corner exuding murder and hatred…he would probably not be as easy to dispose of.
Koko had managed to find a familiar face in the crowd, Faj Smash Smash…his large Ctarl-Ctarl friend from the earlier riot, and set off to track the elusive third bodyguard. Koko tracking his unique scent, Sharna tracking Koko, and Viridian getting information from Chaz over drinks. He didn’t know much about the last body guard just rumors about his background as a Kei Pirate and part of the Anten Seven (which is impossible since they died out almost a century ago). He goes by the name Shimi.
Koko, Faj, and Sharna find Shimi and he beckons them out to the balcony. He offers them a drink and seems initially intrigued by them. However, talk turns to Chaz and their interest in him which Sharna states is “professional”.
“Professional? Now that is a pity”
Quicker than anyone could react Shimi then grabbed Sharna and flung her off the Balcony.



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