Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 19 - No More Bullshit Side Quests?

Never stop! Never stopping!


Deliver the strain of Bloat to "public" George.
Bring the original sample of Bloat to the FASF.
Figure out what to do with Izzy and Tiny.

Altuunius, held at gunpoint, is being marched towards a hovercraft by a mysterious rat-faced shape-shifting assassin. Altuunius has the Bloat sample. Altuunius tries to negotiate with the assassin, who is not down to conversate. 

"They said you was not to be killed, but not that you wasn't to be maimed." -shady assassin boy

Altuunius learns from the assassin that they have been hired by a fellow Jaguardian to have a chat 'under extreme duress.' The driver of the car is some kind of Saurian cyborg man – a manborg, if you will – the first Saurian seen on Hoseki Station. Altuunius tries to read his mind, but comes up against a mental block.

"I wouldn't do that. " -the mysterious Saurian
"Say no more, I'm going with you." -Altuunius, on comms
​​​​​"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'she's going with him'?!"  – Khalef Kokotl

The assassin reveals that it cost them a lot of money and took them a lot of time to find Altuunius. They begin making their way into the higher-end spacedocks. The duo reveal that they have been sent to recover Altuunius for a specific party: Erranius, their estranged sister. Altuunius has been relaying all this information over to the crew through their comms. Before the assassin notices that Altuunius is doing this, Altuunius overwhelms him with a barrage of psychic ennui. This causes the shapeshifting assassin to have a sad time and completely drop his guard, and the Saurian stops the car.

"What did you do!?"  - a confused and angry Saurian
" WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" – Khalef Kokotl, over comms

Back at the FASF base, the resistance troops are a little bewildered as to where their promised disease sample might be. They are a bit more bemused to find that the search and recovery party has returned with an entirely different quarry than expected: the erstwhile Shiltovian scientist Iztlactli, bloody and bruised, and the Tepitizin, the four-armed albino Shiltolvian abomination.

The party is not in great shape. Kokotl's arm has just begun to regenerate. Sharna Marsh-Marsh and Faj Smash-Smash have been exposed to the Bloat. They're currently ensconced into gigantic mobile isolation chambers – which are basically just enormous hamster balls with angry sick kitties in them. Sharna is doing her best to resist scratching the hives caused by the Bloat, which spreads it. Faj is not having such luck.

"We need the cure for Faj!" Brytner Swiitner 
"And me!"  
"You're resisting it so far, you'll fine!" -Brytner Swiitner​​​​​
"We need to save Altuunius…but more importantly, we need to save me." -Sharna

Sharna is restless but fatigued (-1); Faj is too incapacitated to move (-4). The DICC has decided that they are going to stay behind and anaylize the course of the disease in Faj and possibly try to cure them. 

"If Sharna does not survive, please return her body. It would be very nice to have some more…samples." -DICC

Khalef Kokotl's left arm is slowly regenerating. Tepitizin - Tiny – is busy tending to its 'father'  - Izzy - while Benny tries to help. Swiitner tries to persuade Tiny to come with them and complete the mission and make its father's life easier. Tiny wants to stay with its father now, but seems willing to help out later.

In order to make their way over to the docks as fast as possible, the crew commandeers the ice-cream truck that belongs to the ice-cream parlor that the FASF have commandeered for their base. The ice-cream truck has a springy Silgrian's clown head on a spring on the top.

The One is driving, Kokotl is in the passenger seat seated on Swiitner's lap. Sharna is crammed into the back in her iso-ball, rolling around helplessly in the back and getting spattered in ice cream. 

One cruises right on up the station roadway, while Kokotl makes phone calls. Kokotl successfully manages to order the shut-down of the upper-class spacedock, claiming that there is a possibility of pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Saurian man-droid has pulled a scatter-railgun on Altuunius and has told her to stop.  Altuunius Taunts the Saurian, telling him that it knows that he can't kill it (+11). Enraged, the Saurian tears the seats separating them open to glare. Altuunius screams its "girliest scream" and bombards the assassin with chauvinism.


Skabis, a bit overwhelmed, dives in front of his comrade Ashlee to try and talk him down. Altuunius tucks and rolls out of the car. Altuunius looks up to see a giant springing Silgrian head in clown makeup speeding up the roadway, blasting Clair de Lune at an incredibly accelerated speed.

The truck nearly mows down some old grandmother in her shitty floating car.

As the ice-cream hover-truck speeds by, Sharna Marsh-Marsh flies out in her iso-ball and launches straight into the air as Altuunius steps in. One and Ashlee make eye-contact as Kokotl uses Swiitner's Caster gun to blast the mercenary's car away with a beam of piercing light. Sharna Marsh-Marsh bounces harmlessly to the ground, and rolls back into the floating truck. The old grandma screams and swears at the truck, which immediately speeds off.

Kokotl reports that the old grandma and the damaged truck are the suspected pathogenic sources, but Swiitner tosses the babushka a cup of ice cream, which she seems to appreciate.

"What's with your sister?" -Sharna Marsh-Marsh
"We don't have gender. My sibling, however, is a backstabbing bitch." -Altuuinius

The crew drives away to head back to the FASF base, having recently reunited.

"You don't understand. For the last few years of my life, I haven't been able to trust anyone." -Altuunius
"Oh, Lady Altuunius. We don't trust you either."  -Koko

Altuunius reveals that there is a "public" and "private" George Luo. The "private" George Luo has been secretly manipulating the different Shiltolvian liberation fronts. This information causes Kokotl to have a minor crisis of identity. 

"We side with whoever can heal me the fastest…" -Sharnas

Swiitner does a brisk business out of the side of the ice-cream truck. Where is the crew going to go?

  • Benny's Best ice cream parlor, the base of the Fourth Archeropteran Shiltolvian Front 
  • George Luo's private laboratory

Altunnius connects to George on his private line, who expresses his concerns for Altuunius and the safety of the crew, giving them the directions to the private laboratory. The crew decides to go to George Luo's private laboratory, where they are greeted by the cybernetic Yeti and a few scientists and personnel that they do not recognize. George's science staff synthesizes a cure for the Bloat in about an hour, while the crew recuperates.

☑ Deliver the strain of Bloat to "public" George.

Kokotl eats a tremendous amount of meat by itself in the kitchen, regenerating its arm completely.

Upon being administered, the cure makes Sharna Marsh-Marsh cry like a baby. A medic named Mike administers the cure to Sharna and gives a copy of the cure to Kokotl, who uses a medic check (+7) to copy the chemical compound and will not be able to replicate it at will. Sharna Marsh-Marsh is liberated from her bubble.

The crew returns back to the FASF base. Faj is not in good shape; he's too weak to even eat ice cream. Kokotl administers the cure to Faj, who does not cry, much to the chagrin of Sharna. Kokotl shares the cure synthesis information with Benny, telling them that it was all its doing.

☑ <s>Bring the original sample of Bloat to the FASF.</s> Bring a cure for the Bloat to the FASF.

He immediately feels better! Kokotl also tricks him into signing a document that he will not ask for additional wages, and that he is classified as a "bodyguard", which is set to an incredibly low "competitive" rate, that will be paid out "quarterly." Sharna Marsh-Marsh, embarrassed and horrified, challenges Faj Smash-Smash to various games. He wins them all, handily, turning out to be a savant at games. Enraged, Sharna Marsh-Marsh punches Faj Smash-Smash in the face.

"The feeling is mutual!" -Sharna

The DICC returns with blood on its paws.

"Today has a been a good day for learning." -DICC

Kokotl presents the information on its datapad about the Bloat cure to the DICC, who "inadvertently" downloads all the information on Kokotl's datapad. One and Kokotl have a brief conversation in secret.

Altunnius uses their street smarts to learn that their sibling is lodged at the Nebula Hyatt penthouse. Altuunius also learns that Skabis and Ashlee were not found on scene, and that the old driving grandma is being detained and supervised by security forces.

Izzy and Tiny have been cooperating with the forces of the FASF. Tiny occasionally waves coyly at Swiitner whenever it sees him.

Altuunius announces that their sibling has closed in on their location, and maybe that the crew should deal with them or flee the station. 

"I don't think that will be a concern right now…" -Kokotl
"Which is why I think it will be a concern right now." -One 

Kokotl proposes that the crew make their way to run Sharna Marsh-Marsh's errand. The crew makes their way to One's ship.

Now what is there to do?

The current quest is:
☐ Uncover the origin of the blockage on Grovian Death-Slugs to help Wong.

Other quests:
☐ Deal with Errannius' and their retenue.
☐ Skabis and Ashlee are still at large.
☐ Find out who has stopped the "special shrimp shipments" to Wong's Famous Noodles.
☐ Steal Melfina Khan's research.
☐ Investigate the Ctarl-Ctarl empire purges.
☐ Discover the nature of "The Plan" that Chaz Zabrick and George Luo has.
☐ Obtain a bigger ship.
☐ Obtain a "big fuck-off body" for Reggie, who is still locked in a firewall in Reggie's ship.
☐ Seek the Galactic Leyline. 



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