Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 8 - Welcome to Plavalagun

We are here for the Gang bang!

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar
Experience points: 1

After about a week to get the ship repaired and some last minute business on Hoseki station, our adventurers set out to the resort moon of Plavalagun to track down Chaz Zabrak. Being far enough away to require two hyperspace jumps and having a shiny new (only slightly experimental) FTL drive to try out, They set out for adventure. While talking to an attendant from a filling station on the way, There are apparently some goings on within the Ctarl-Ctarl empire…but this was not investigated further. Sharna also brought up that she accepted another job from Wong (of Wong’s noodles on the station) to pick up some crates of Grovian Death slugs and Black creeping shrooms and deliver them to the station…this is all supposedly completely legal and above board and just a slight detour on the way back. Radar was able to get to the destination in about 4 days time….Sparing the crew from Koko’s questions and an offer to sing the songs of his people.

With some forged credit and some sweet talking from Altunnious, the crew was able to score some passes good for free travel through Plavalagun’s various recreation centers and use of their metro which acts as a kind of duty free/TSA/train system. The team was also able to find out more about Chaz Zabrak:

  • He is known for large destructive parties.
  • He is a bit of a gambler
  • He works for the Geimenshaft Consortium (a shadowy group of influence and power, A Universe spanning Time Warner Cable with access to lasers)
  • He has been seen with at least 3 individuals that may be some kind of security; A Ctarl-Ctarl (Vekna Fang-Fang), an unidentified person, and someone “scary beyond all reason”.
  • He was recently kicked out of the beach resort for setting his entire room on fire and may be headed to Sagev sector…where there are more casinos, race tracks, and other gambling halls.
  • He may also be headed to “Trouble town”, the nickname for the sector where bloodsport and violence is rampant, for a fight happening later this evening.



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