Chaz Zabrak

playboy, degenerate, genius?


He works for the Geimenshaft Consortium.

He revolutionized trans-galactic communication, making it possible for messages to be sent across sectors quickly vs the pony express style of communication that was used throughout the TSE and beginning of the DSE….Legitimate Super genius

Poor impulse control is an understatement. Walking, talking, drinking, drugged out physical manifestation of Id is closer. Spends big money through [[Party Inc.]] to fuel his debaucherous lifestyle. His personal account liaison Yuri will get him anything he wants.

Addicted to every drug under any sun, he now needs a constant stream of narcotics to keep his body from failing under withdrawals.

He makes an amazing Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.


Search for on Plavalagun
May have security
Lives it up
keep it quiet
needed alive

Chaz Zabrak

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