"Crabfingers" Kobyashi

Crime Lord


Older Asian gentleman with seemingly a permanent scowl and hard assessing gaze. He dresses simply and conservatively but everything is well made and tailored. His face has some burn scars along the left side and his right arm has been replaced by a brassy and very mechanical looking prosthetic; it looks large and clunky but moves with a smoothness that substantiates a high level of sophistication. It has shown a capability of reconstituting itself to serve a variety of functions.

Cybernetic Arm



He is mainly a black market dealer in cybernetics and weapons, he owns many chop shops and body mod shops across the galaxy as well as a few lab/manufacturing facilities. There are false front legitimate businesses to cover up his illicit dealings.

extremely wealthy and well connected

Employs a series of mercenaries in his illicit pursuits.

Has a contingent of bounty hunters, known as Repo-men, in his employ who specialize in “re-posessing” cybernetics.

Travels with a Robotic body guard known as Mr. MAP

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"Crabfingers" Kobyashi

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