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Nanobot swarm intelligence which has latched on to host body and has set off to travel the galaxy and learn.
(8) Construct – immune to disease and poison. No need to breathe. +2 to recover from being shaken. Ignore one wound penalty. Cannot heal medically.
(4) Switchable Super power set

Switchable form must be in one form or other. Takes one round to switch (swarm to gather/swarm to bond to host):
Natural state: Swarm cloud
(4) Altered form – No vitals, no called shots, 1/2 damage from fall or collision, viscous; can squeeze through cracks
(2) Flight – Swarm gathers and floats at normal pace
(2) Interface – gains +4 to interact with electronics
(3) Malfunction – Can try to cause failure of technological device
(11-1 for round to activate=10; alternate power must be 10 or lower)

Host bonded
(1) Animal Control – Small Animal, wild card (house cat sized or small dog), telepathic communication and control, limited to single type of animal.
(1) Regeneration – Swarm can make healing roll once a day when attached to host by feeding and converting blood into fuel; takes a full action and host is fatigued for one hour
(5) Healing – (spirit check) Can heal host of of injury or fatigue. Limited only to host takes a full action to heal injury while nanobots stitch tissue. Fatigue healed through adrenal boost; will take double fatigue damage after one hour. Host can die if over stressed. Can cure Host of illness, poison, or disease.
(1) Armor – Nanobots form hardened carapace over host, adding 2 points of armor
(1) Parry – Heightened reflexes +1 parry
(1) Broadcast/Speak language collar – Able to “talk” through single station/radio frequency/can “learn” new language with successful checks…limited to vocal range (no pheromone/chemical communication)

Racial Hindrances
(-1) Environmental weakness: Cold – suffer -4 from cold environment/weapons
(-1) Cannot speak without outside assistance (collar)
(-1) High tech World – unknown tech suffers -2 to interact (You can offset this penalty in your swarm form by interfacing/jacking in)
(-2) Alien form – nonstandard biology/physiology, -4 charisma
(-2) Dependency: Host – must spend at least one hour bonded to host or suffer fatigue
(-2) Dependency: Solar power – must spend at least one hour soaking up power
(-2) Power negation: Water immersion – Cannot use any powers (swarm or host bonded) when fully immersed in water.
(-3) Strength limitation d6: Swarm cannot boost strength naturally beyond average
(-3) Vigor limitation d6: Swarm cannot boost Vigor naturally beyond average
(-3) Strength takes 2 steps to increase, it takes time and resources to create more nanobots/get stronger
Total +22 (12 always on, 10 that switch), -20 = +2

Possible personality quirks (You can choose one major and 2 minors):
Big mouth minor
Cautious minor
Clueless Major
Curious major
Pacifist minor or major
Young major

Skills will be mostly smarts and some agility. You would want to stay out of combat as much as possible so pacifist would work…especially if you are a traveler/hitchhiker/scholar. When you are host bonded we can focus more on not getting hit or armor. I split the difference here. The small host will have their own stats and defense.



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