Radar Stationfall



Ace pilot with a chip on his cybernetic shoulders.


Radar Stationfall grew up on Evawwen 08 loving to fly, and he knew he was the best. As was the custom on the planet, his surname was given to mark the occasion of when a family came to the planet but he was allowed to choose his first name upon entering adulthood and he chose to mark the occasion when he picked up the deep space transmissions of music from old planet Earth. Radar constantly loved to prove himself an amazing pilot and would take very opportunity to do so. This often meant going against his family’s wishes, who thought he should settle down into a more respectable job and stay safe. His arrogance, need for greater thrills, and his skill had managed to gain the attention of a group of black market brokers known as the Kumori Syndicate. He was approached to by an intermediary to race on their behalf in an asteroid belt run. In the lead for most of the race, disaster struck in the last leg of the race and he crashed. Crippled, partially blinded, and near death his handler from Kumori offered him a choice to undergo cybernetic enhancement and work for them to pay for the loss of the Kumori ship or die. He agreed, even though cyborgs were often looked down upon with Evawwen society, and through their black market connections Radar was fixed with a new cybernetic eye and limbs. Unfortunately the costs were far more extensive than previously discussed and Radar was essentially an indentured slave.

After working for the Syndicate for several years as gun runner, pilot, and smuggler Radar managed to run off during a job and escape their reach. Flitting from odd job to odd job across the galaxy and countless spaceports he eventually found himself under the employ of George Luo.

After a particularly daring and successful mission (where you met Rich’s character), Luo gifted Radar with the beat up scow he had piloted…what was left of it anyway. Dubbing it The Ziggy Stardust after his favorite earth song, he went looking to outfit it and make a name for himself.

Radar Stationfall

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