Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 9

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our heroes, they had started to explore Plavalagun’s most dangerous area, Elttab in search of Chaz Zabrak. Elttab’s security is second to none as violence is prevalent but still regulated. Duels must be officially offered and terms set before engaging. All visitors had to sign wavers and were scanned (DNA or psychic scans) before disembarking the station area. Plavalagun has a large drone cloud that hovers silently above the city to monitor any and all areas for unsanctioned violence, which can knock out aggressors based upon those scans. There was also some shadowy humanoid security forces that have popped up quickly and quietly, dealt with the problems, and slipped away just as quickly swift and silent.

Our intrepid crew set a rendezvous point and headed to the Wrath SinDrome to catch the match between Vekna Fang Fang and Hipyra the Aurax (a large centaur like creature). Odds are in Vekna’s favor and there are several Ctarl-Ctarl in the audience.
Altunnius tied to find a way back stage but was unable to find an unsecured area thus far…she was nearly caught by a drone after a brief psychic attack.
Koko was nearly involved in a Ctarl-Ctarl mob after some very loud insults. After being confronted by a large Alpha male and laughed off as an obvious crazy thing the crowd dispersed for the most part but the Alpha did warn Koko to watch his back.
Virdian has been a font of information as he was the only one to read the rules of Elttab before signing. he has also made a few wagers.
Sharna and Virdian have actually located Chaz in the VIP section. They spotted at least one of the bodygaurds, a robed figure that exuded a strange red light from its cowl before sending a spectator who spilled his drink running from the arena.

There have been some very large bets made thus far and undercards are about to begin.

Episode 8 - Welcome to Plavalagun
We are here for the Gang bang!

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar
Experience points: 1

After about a week to get the ship repaired and some last minute business on Hoseki station, our adventurers set out to the resort moon of Plavalagun to track down Chaz Zabrak. Being far enough away to require two hyperspace jumps and having a shiny new (only slightly experimental) FTL drive to try out, They set out for adventure. While talking to an attendant from a filling station on the way, There are apparently some goings on within the Ctarl-Ctarl empire…but this was not investigated further. Sharna also brought up that she accepted another job from Wong (of Wong’s noodles on the station) to pick up some crates of Grovian Death slugs and Black creeping shrooms and deliver them to the station…this is all supposedly completely legal and above board and just a slight detour on the way back. Radar was able to get to the destination in about 4 days time….Sparing the crew from Koko’s questions and an offer to sing the songs of his people.

With some forged credit and some sweet talking from Altunnious, the crew was able to score some passes good for free travel through Plavalagun’s various recreation centers and use of their metro which acts as a kind of duty free/TSA/train system. The team was also able to find out more about Chaz Zabrak:

  • He is known for large destructive parties.
  • He is a bit of a gambler
  • He works for the Geimenshaft Consortium (a shadowy group of influence and power, A Universe spanning Time Warner Cable with access to lasers)
  • He has been seen with at least 3 individuals that may be some kind of security; A Ctarl-Ctarl (Vekna Fang-Fang), an unidentified person, and someone “scary beyond all reason”.
  • He was recently kicked out of the beach resort for setting his entire room on fire and may be headed to Sagev sector…where there are more casinos, race tracks, and other gambling halls.
  • He may also be headed to “Trouble town”, the nickname for the sector where bloodsport and violence is rampant, for a fight happening later this evening.
Epilogue - Bug Trouble at Hoseki Station

Klikaxan, a merchant known for his ability to locate hard to get items, stumbled across the Scow’s smuggling operation thinking it was simply another black market deal that he could possibly profit off of. Upon the realization of what the Cargo was and the involvement of the the Kei Pirates his personal guard was killed and he was taken captive. His refusal to give up the locations and identities of his suppliers and the quick actions of the PCs resulted in his rescue. His gratitude has resulted in an ally willing to procure supplies at a substantial discount.

Bugs was good to his word and fixed the adventurers faulty hyperdrive with an experimental hyperdrive and astrogation computer capable of cutting days off of long journey.

George Luo was grateful for your aid in stopping the Shill smuggling operation. He hinted at a more substantial token of his gratitude upon our return from the mission.

The Shills aboard the Scow were still in stasis and unharmed. They have been returned to the planet but are quarantined pending an investigation.

Enayle is still at large.

Episode 7 - Meeting new people and beating them into submission
Wait, is everyone a Captain?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rob, Tim
Experience points: 1
Bonus xp for entire party: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves taking the information from the stolen wall unit which pointed to the smugglers trying to escape on the Scow (which was never actually investigated). After contacting Reyna and exploring the possibility of stealing a station security interceptor, it was decided to just take off in the Ziggy Stardust with its broken hyperdrive (still being repaired by Bugs). Captain Koko barricaded himself in his quarters as Sharna threatened to take back the stolen sweater and Alutunius excused herself to attend to some private business. The Scow had a short window to make it out to the Astrogation Buoy and escape but our heroes intercepted and space combat was upon them. Ships punched each other, arms were beat to hell, missiles were shot at the bridge, and after some negotiation with the Scow’s AI Reginald (AKA Biggy) eventually the Scow was boarded. Viridian and Sharna split up in true Scooby Doo fashion, with the Ctarl-Ctarl beating down a couple of smugglers and finding an engineer to lead her to the elusive Klikaxan and Viridian securing the engine room where Enayle, claiming to be the engineer, was thought to be cooperative but instead stunned V and made a break for it. An escape pod was seen heading towards the Astrogation Buoy when a Pirate ship jumped in, intercepted the pod, and jumped out shortly thereafter being that Reyna was inbound with station security forces and Luo’s personal guard.

Episode 6 - Waiting for security is usually not part of breaking and entering
Radar RUN!!!!!

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar
Experience points: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves investigating safe houses belonging to the Shill smuggling ring. Both locations seemed to have been vacated in a hurry and after a couple break ins, a theft, a footchase, and a very weird day for several members of station security….you are left with a computer wall unit from one location, a shrinking list of leads, and a brand new oversized sweater.

Feel free to add details.

Episode 5 - George would like a word with you...
Maybe you get meat, maybe you get punch in face.

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves in possession of a drive previously owned by the Shill smugglers. Through some fancy repair and security work you managed to extrapolate some data before meeting up with Luo at a place of your choosing.

you chose Karl’s Karnarium. (really?)

Luo was fairly pleased you stopped this smuggling operation but less than thrilled in the high profile nature in whic it was done. he managed to erase you from the record and scrub our involvment in exchange fo the data you recovered. During the exchange, A group of dissidents attacked the Karnarium in an attempt to get at George, the data, or both. George escaped. Some bodyguards got injured (one got partially eaten). Koko managed to hamstring one while Sharna captur3ed another. One Shill grabbed the data pads (Luo’s and Tir’s) and make a break for the kitchen. Viridian’s stomach couldn’t quite handle the sight of the kitchen but Zig was able to gore the shill with a random skull and Altunnius was able to grab the data and make her escape back to the ship. Some mild looting began but was cut short in order to avoid station security. You all made it back to the ship where Luo’s representative picked up the data and Virdian got his busted up data pad back.

Episode 4 - Well, that could have gone better...
Have you seen this man?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

out draw the human with a freezer full of Shill. Splat.

most scatter
a few (the beetle guys and the walking stick guys) stay
swing and a miss, head into the cooler
swing and another miss
The Best you can do?
Swing a freezer and dont miss. Ow. You made me bleed my own blood
Swing, pow. zoom….to the corner of the room

PIck up the ctarl-Ctral with a forklift
drive the lift
ramming speed
ripping heads off
throw a freezer
out the wall

lots of swinging and missing with koko and the walking sticks (seriously, can anyone roll above a 5?)
Well at least splatty mc spits out his teeth missed critically and shot one of his own men.
finally latch on to the other things head…dont let go koko


making a call outside
busy busy busy….oh hi freezer. Oh hi other workers in this part of the station

Have you seen this man? no? Bang.
Have you seen this man? No? Bang.
Put your weapon down. Have you…bang.

Viridian and his green bro go to get the surveillance. Good plan.
Virdiian and his green bro also destroy computers with useful data in them. Not best plan.
Altunnius may have to try and recover that.

finally get through to Luo’s men….Hey, your shills are being stolen. Is that Security? We out. Peace.

Everyone out.

The warehouse partially collapses behind you.

Combat will not always be this long….I promise….well, I’ll do my best.

Episode 3 - Lying to others for fun and not dying
What do dinosaurs know about robots anyhow?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar
Experience points: 2

Koko returns from the intern talk (Commercial break)
Zig once again insists on killing him
I say we let him go
more threats from Sharna
Off we go to investigate the Scow
Search for info on Scow. Seems legit….lets go deeper….maybe less than legit.
Doesn’t look like its one of George’s operations…okay, lets look into things.
Lots of mistrust flying
no one is near the scow
have you seen this bug
no not here you go your friend is gone you leave
Altunnius sneaks past sleeping guard…in and out…no problem. Did you get anything? Nope.
Lots of mistrust flying
Do we have to be enemies?
Lots of insectoids stop working….lots of them come over…
You dont want me as an enemy.
No trouble. here. data chip given address of a warehouse
Okay we will leave
hey can you check on the ship.
empty infirmary
empty cockpit
empty empty empty
Hey looks like the dope fiend navigator is gone. So is the crippled dope dealer. Seems like an excellent work.
Gnaw off a hand
we need to head back
Lots of mistrust flying
Oh wait, commlinks
Hey virdian. Hey guys. just helping this crippled yeti get somewhere and then Ill be back
he was an intern
he knows too much
we cant trust him
you can totally trust me
I m just going to get fixed and then ill be there for you. no problem
you better
put Virdian on. See you in 8. Cool bye.
Guys we may need to just leave him here.
Lots of mistrust flying
Mild breakdown.
big revelation. crisis of identity.
so glad for your support
Wait what does George know?
Who do you report to?
is this being recorded?
mind read a robot….well that was weird.
seems like the truth
Lots of mistrust flying
Oh look the warehouse
2 insectoids hanging around outside, one at each door.
Have you seen this insectoid?
We are totally the cops.
Yeah…i don’t think so. not with your nubbin’ hand, your ruined sweater, and of course being a Shill. get the hell out of here.
Altunnius once again sneaks by during the commotion.
Sharna heads to the roof
explore the inside. look in through skylight. Nearly drop a pane of glass (benny use) but catch it and sneak in)
See many things. Lots of containers. lots of containers being filled. with things. and stuff.
Zig drives to the other side…smoking insectoid
Yeah I need to get in.
Are you sure?
32 (rolled on 1d4-2 after a benny used)
Well you aint a cop. so go on in. why no cops. well the bodies. but then you know all that
rolls in.
everyone stops.
What the hell are you doing here?
Human comes out of the office. Altunnius sneaks in office.
What the hell is this? heads out. screams at the guard for a bit.
so…..beep i guess.
brings in guard.
You tell Enayle that we are on schedule. half loaded already. the rest will be loaded tomorrow. and ready for shipping. now get out.
i think i will let myself out.
back to work everyone.
not you…example to be made. a beating on the poor clueless guard.
i need help getting out
ill sneak back
Wait, now who the hell are you?!

To be continued….

Episode 2 - Drug deals and bug deals
Your new name is intern...

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar
Experience points: 2

Hovercraft with two thugs inside.
A huge yeti punches the Viridian across the parking lot
Sharna catches him before he splats against the wall
Hey there you are! Is this where the drug deal is happening?
intimidation and kicks to the chest
failed diplomacy
gunshots and ruined sweaters
smashing rat faced thug with a door before he dives back into the car to flee
The yeti misses his parting shot….Sharna does not. Spines are not supposed to move that way.
Koko makes a miracle….and the yeti lives.
Toss the yeti and Viridian (soup….did we get the soup?) over your shoulder, obscure the blood tracks and head back to the ship.

knock knock. Its Bugs.
We have been friends a long time
okay. we shall have relations
Ignore the horny cyborg
my cousin is missing. He had a line on a Very valuable smugglers ship but has not come back. You help, I fix ship very much better.
How valuable?
hes not lying
when the trackers come back
hey we are back.
kill the yeti
let him go
shhh….silence intern you have a blood debt
knock him out again
we need to get more info on Klixaxan the bug cousin.
The location of the Scow. Location where Klixaxan was staying. Nice insight into the life of Bugs and his cousin.
We need a plan
I need to have a chat with the intern

Out of game, play by email planning to commence.
Where are you going to get more info from?
Security contacts? George Luo? Google? Break into Security feeds?
Where do you head from here? To Klixaxan’s place? to the Scow? say fuck it and jet?

Episode 1 - Welcome to Hoseki Station
Why can't we ever meet at Panera?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

Pre game emails sent
meet at cheapside
gravitate to the table
drink under the table
who let the Freak squad in?
Horseface, Lenny, Squiggy, Fat bob, skinny boy
aren’t you thirsty?
Do you dare challenge the Ctarl Ctarl?
not your friend pal
I am so sorry about your face
miss after mishap
intimidate followed by do you know who we work for?
I am so sor – BLAM-
Ibast, You dick.
Meet with G.L. Find Chaz
40K bring him back alive, one piece. One month bonus
most beautiful soup
head out to a deal
click who do you have there in the shadows?


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