Outlaw Star: Distant Star Era

Episode 12 - Dinner Date with Disaster
You can come to the party, you just can't come in me.

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our heroes Dinner wit Chaz was just as awkward as one would think.

Viridian, in an attempt to stay low key, followed behind the rest of the group heading up to dinner. Viridian, failing in that attempt, assisted and was possessed by an amorphous intelligent cloud named Morph, won a jackpot and room off of a free pull slot machine, and was escorted by a host to the same elevator that the rest of the party was headed to.

Dinner was filled with misdirection, angry stares from Amaranth, the delicious (yet tricky) fine dining on death slugs, and eventualy the invitation to join Chaz at a party in his new suite.

A quick call to Party Inc and a full on bacchanalian rave was in full effect. Altuniius retired to the bouncy house labyrinth and was last seen in lube alley. Chaz (fueled by various drugs) led his guests around the revelery and finally managed to let the group know that he was willing to Go with them and meet George to continue with the “plan”. The only problem was the body guards….all three needed to be dealt with. Sharna, whose rapport with Vekna was very friendly after he forced a noodle vendor to make her a bowl, managed to convince him to head off and run her errand/side job for Wong (of Wong’s famous noodles). A few persuasive rolls later and Vekna had quit his job, gotten a bounty placed on him, and headed off to find a way to get Wong’s shipment of death slugs and mushrooms. Amaranth was in a dark corner exuding murder and hatred…he would probably not be as easy to dispose of.
Koko had managed to find a familiar face in the crowd, Faj Smash Smash…his large Ctarl-Ctarl friend from the earlier riot, and set off to track the elusive third bodyguard. Koko tracking his unique scent, Sharna tracking Koko, and Viridian getting information from Chaz over drinks. He didn’t know much about the last body guard just rumors about his background as a Kei Pirate and part of the Anten Seven (which is impossible since they died out almost a century ago). He goes by the name Shimi.
Koko, Faj, and Sharna find Shimi and he beckons them out to the balcony. He offers them a drink and seems initially intrigued by them. However, talk turns to Chaz and their interest in him which Sharna states is “professional”.
“Professional? Now that is a pity”
Quicker than anyone could react Shimi then grabbed Sharna and flung her off the Balcony.

Episode 11 - Bad Seed
Right you are K-K-Ken.

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our intrepid crew, they had managed to escape a riot but were left in an interdimension Drunk Tank. (I need to update the wiki with what the Matmos is….and yes, I am still a little mad at myself for not going with Ytiruces for he name). The stage was set for a show down between Amaranth and Viridian where old loyalties didn’t matter (Chaz thanks you for the save Koko and Sharna). Companion warriors (Viridian ’s brother vs the red ogre beast) clashed until security finally intervened and order was restored. When the group was finally released the big news was the forfeiture of the big fight and the disappearance of the fighters, it being the first time the Matmos has ever intervened in a fight. All bets were off and investigations have started into the anomalies found in the betting computers. Chaz in the end was grateful for the save from the riot and the proximity to Crabfingers Kobyashi (who most likely got out of the riot, but current whereabouts are unknown).

On the train back to Chaz’s hotel a few things have come out. First, Vekna definitely knows Sharna. Second, Amaranth does not like anyone. Third Chaz knows George and said something very interesting about “a plan” being ready.

Viridian separated himself at the station and headed back to the ship (also did a little shopping for Zig)…Radar was no where to be found.

Episode 10 - At Odds! Who's Messing with the Vekna Fang-Fang Fight?

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 2

In the Elttab Main Colosseum, the main attraction for the evening – the fight between Vekna Fang-Fang and Hipyra will be underway following a series of undercard fights.

Koko in the cheap seats, populated primarily by Ctarl-Ctarl spectators, had almost provoked a major confrontation with a particularly large Ctarl-Ctarl.

Sharna Marsh-Marsh and Viridian Tir, in the high-roller seats, are keeping an eye on Chaz Zabrak and his mysterious bodyguard.

Alutunnius manages to sneak their way into the control room, where all information related to betting in the arena is processed. They learn that Chaz has not actually placed one of the larger bets; it is suspected that crime syndicates might be responsible for the larger flow of credits.

During the first undercard fight, Koko endears itself to some of the surrounding Ctarl-Ctarl in the crowd by vociferously cheering on the Ctarl-Ctarl contestant, but when that contestant loses, Koko begins to spread rumors about potential sabotage.

The party notices that as spectators become particularly unruly, they are accosted by mysterious shadowmen, who appear from the shadows and are able to instantly pacify an opponent and remove them from the stadium.

Chaz Zabrak is joined by a powerful underworld figure, the infamous “Crabfingers” Kobayashi, and his [[formidable robotic bodyguard Mr. Wall]]. Chaz is startled by Crabfingers’ presence, but he maintains a gregarious fa├žade. Crabfingers proposes a two million credit bet on the main event off the record, betting against Chaz’s champion, Vekna Fang-Fang. Sharna overhears this exchange.

During the second undercard fight between a group of Blue Sun mercenaries and a vicious swarm-mind, Koko specifically encourages the Ctarl-Ctarl mercenary with loud cheers, further ingratiating itself to most of the surrounding Ctarl-Ctarl, specifically one particularly large Ctarl-Ctarl with the surname Smash-Smash. When only the human member of the Blue Sun mercenaries survives the fight, Koko implies foul play against the Ctarl-Ctarl contestants, beginning to pique the concern of other Ctarl-Ctarl spectators.

When the main event begins, Vekna Fang-Fang and Hippolyta face off. Though Hipyra is enormous and exceptionally dangerous, Vekna is tiny but seems unfazed by the sheer bulk of his opponent, but is certainly rattled when he notices Sharna watching him from the crowd. As Sharna makes her way closer to Chaz and Crabfingers, she notices a mysterious figure in the rafters.

Alutunnius, frustrated with the difficulty encountered in trying to glean the identities of the betters without revealing their presence in the system, decides instead to randomize the bets, before making their way out of the arena entirely.

Viridian, noticing that something is amiss on the big screens and realizing that his own bets might have been sabotaged, corresponds with Ziggy, pleading with him to do something to call off the fight. Zig grudgingly agrees.

Sharna introduces herself to Chaz, who is charmed with her. Crabfingers disregards her presence at first. As Sharna corresponds with Viridian related to the unusual circumstances of the fight over the comms-link, Crabfingers manages to overhear and is…displeased. He demands Viridian join them, and when Viridian obliges, Crabfingers nearly crushes his head with his mechanical hand.

Crabfingers orders Sharna to sabotage the fight, recognizing that Vekna behaves unusually when he sees her. He sends Mr. Wall to lead her right up to the ring, keeping Viridian as a hostage under the specific condition that “Vekna lose the fight.”

Outside of Elttab, Alutunnius meets with Matt, and proceeds to blow his fragile little human mind. Alutunnius convinces Matt to bring her to a security outpost, making another request that makes him supremely anxious.

While held hostage by Crabfingers, Viridian attracts the attention of Chaz’s mysterious bodyguard, who seems to recognize him and is fixated on him.

As the fight goes on, it is clear that Vekna has a natural advantage of speed and agility, seemingly having the upper hand. However, Sharna’s taunts and efforts to distract Vekna are effective, allowing Hipyra to land a series of brutal hits.

Koko, noticing Vekna’s unusual behavior and sudden downward spiral, insists that someone is sabotaging Ctarl-Ctarl fighters, demanding that the Ctarl-Ctarl must defend their honor, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The Ctarl-Ctarl begin throwing themselves at the cage, demanding that Vekna transform to reassert his advantage in the fight. The shadowmen begin showing up in force to bring order. Koko manages to convince Smash-Smash to rush the stage, riding atop his shoulders. When shadowmen accost Smash-Smash and disappear him, Koko is let off with a very stern warning, as Koko has technically not broken any Elttab rules.

Vekna is reluctant to transform, but is obviously distressed by both the presence of Sharna and his body getting bad things done to it. Sharna, in an effort to distract Vekna further, throws herself at the ring. This goads Vekna into snapping and transforming, startling Hipyra and causing him to back off. The combined assault of the Ctarl-Ctarl hordes and Vekna’s own formidable power destroys the ring, and Vekna leaps out of the ring and into the now riotous crowd.

Viridian exchanges some tense words with Chaz’s sinister bodyguard, and it is implied strongly that the two share a close and unpleasant history. Crabfingers becomes irritated with the events unfolding, while Chaz nervously tries to maintain the illusion of confident bravado.

Alutunnius convinces Matt to bring her to meet the shadowmen in their “office”. Claiming to be a covert ally of Chaz, she talks the mysterious force into teleporting the crew – as well as Chaz – out of the unstable situation in the arena before harm can come to them. The shadowmen agree, but also insist on teleporting the rest of Chaz’s entourage with him, over the protests of Alutunnius.

Koko, atop the shoulders of another large Ctarl-Ctarl and awash with bloodlust, encourages the Ctarl-Ctarl to defend their honor in the face of this obvious foul play and purge all non Ctarl-Ctarl from the arena. Many spectators flee as the Ctarl-Ctarl mob goes berserk, attacking everything around them, including Hipyra, Crabfingers, Chaz, and Viridian. Shadowmen attempt to pacify the crowd, but they have limited numbers and thus choose to instead form protective perimeters around valuable targets.

Viridian watches as Crabfingers holds his own with little difficulty against the advancing Ctarl-Ctarl, noticing that the shadowmen do not move against him even when he brutally executes several Ctarl-Ctarl in defiance of Elttab rules. Chaz’s bodyguard is able to keep Chaz protected as well, demonstrating a frightening ability to cripple opponents with fear. Sharna manages to get one last taunt in at a confused and furious Vekna, heading towards Viridian in an effort to extricate him in the chaos.

As the situation becomes truly bonkers, Ziggy sets off the sprinkler systems in the arena, ending the fight and further confusing the crowd. The shadowmen converge on Viridian, Koko, Sharna, and Chaz, seizing them and teleporting them away…alongside Chaz’s mysterious bodyguard and the yet-unseen third member of Chaz’s entourage. Viridian, as he is teleported away by the shadowmen, makes eye contact with Chaz’s mysterious bodyguard and pledges to fight…

Episode 9

Players: Jess, Rich, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left our heroes, they had started to explore Plavalagun’s most dangerous area, Elttab in search of Chaz Zabrak. Elttab’s security is second to none as violence is prevalent but still regulated. Duels must be officially offered and terms set before engaging. All visitors had to sign wavers and were scanned (DNA or psychic scans) before disembarking the station area. Plavalagun has a large drone cloud that hovers silently above the city to monitor any and all areas for unsanctioned violence, which can knock out aggressors based upon those scans. There was also some shadowy humanoid security forces that have popped up quickly and quietly, dealt with the problems, and slipped away just as quickly swift and silent.

Our intrepid crew set a rendezvous point and headed to the Wrath SinDrome to catch the match between Vekna Fang Fang and Hipyra the Aurax (a large centaur like creature). Odds are in Vekna’s favor and there are several Ctarl-Ctarl in the audience.
Altunnius tied to find a way back stage but was unable to find an unsecured area thus far…she was nearly caught by a drone after a brief psychic attack.
Koko was nearly involved in a Ctarl-Ctarl mob after some very loud insults. After being confronted by a large Alpha male and laughed off as an obvious crazy thing the crowd dispersed for the most part but the Alpha did warn Koko to watch his back.
Virdian has been a font of information as he was the only one to read the rules of Elttab before signing. he has also made a few wagers.
Sharna and Virdian have actually located Chaz in the VIP section. They spotted at least one of the bodygaurds, a robed figure that exuded a strange red light from its cowl before sending a spectator who spilled his drink running from the arena.

There have been some very large bets made thus far and undercards are about to begin.

Episode 8 - Welcome to Plavalagun
We are here for the Gang bang!

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar
Experience points: 1

After about a week to get the ship repaired and some last minute business on Hoseki station, our adventurers set out to the resort moon of Plavalagun to track down Chaz Zabrak. Being far enough away to require two hyperspace jumps and having a shiny new (only slightly experimental) FTL drive to try out, They set out for adventure. While talking to an attendant from a filling station on the way, There are apparently some goings on within the Ctarl-Ctarl empire…but this was not investigated further. Sharna also brought up that she accepted another job from Wong (of Wong’s noodles on the station) to pick up some crates of Grovian Death slugs and Black creeping shrooms and deliver them to the station…this is all supposedly completely legal and above board and just a slight detour on the way back. Radar was able to get to the destination in about 4 days time….Sparing the crew from Koko’s questions and an offer to sing the songs of his people.

With some forged credit and some sweet talking from Altunnious, the crew was able to score some passes good for free travel through Plavalagun’s various recreation centers and use of their metro which acts as a kind of duty free/TSA/train system. The team was also able to find out more about Chaz Zabrak:

  • He is known for large destructive parties.
  • He is a bit of a gambler
  • He works for the Geimenshaft Consortium (a shadowy group of influence and power, A Universe spanning Time Warner Cable with access to lasers)
  • He has been seen with at least 3 individuals that may be some kind of security; A Ctarl-Ctarl (Vekna Fang-Fang), an unidentified person, and someone “scary beyond all reason”.
  • He was recently kicked out of the beach resort for setting his entire room on fire and may be headed to Sagev sector…where there are more casinos, race tracks, and other gambling halls.
  • He may also be headed to “Trouble town”, the nickname for the sector where bloodsport and violence is rampant, for a fight happening later this evening.
Epilogue - Bug Trouble at Hoseki Station

Klikaxan, a merchant known for his ability to locate hard to get items, stumbled across the Scow’s smuggling operation thinking it was simply another black market deal that he could possibly profit off of. Upon the realization of what the Cargo was and the involvement of the the Kei Pirates his personal guard was killed and he was taken captive. His refusal to give up the locations and identities of his suppliers and the quick actions of the PCs resulted in his rescue. His gratitude has resulted in an ally willing to procure supplies at a substantial discount.

Bugs was good to his word and fixed the adventurers faulty hyperdrive with an experimental hyperdrive and astrogation computer capable of cutting days off of long journey.

George Luo was grateful for your aid in stopping the Shill smuggling operation. He hinted at a more substantial token of his gratitude upon our return from the mission.

The Shills aboard the Scow were still in stasis and unharmed. They have been returned to the planet but are quarantined pending an investigation.

Enayle is still at large.

Episode 7 - Meeting new people and beating them into submission
Wait, is everyone a Captain?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rob, Tim
Experience points: 1
Bonus xp for entire party: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves taking the information from the stolen wall unit which pointed to the smugglers trying to escape on the Scow (which was never actually investigated). After contacting Reyna and exploring the possibility of stealing a station security interceptor, it was decided to just take off in the Ziggy Stardust with its broken hyperdrive (still being repaired by Bugs). Captain Koko barricaded himself in his quarters as Sharna threatened to take back the stolen sweater and Alutunius excused herself to attend to some private business. The Scow had a short window to make it out to the Astrogation Buoy and escape but our heroes intercepted and space combat was upon them. Ships punched each other, arms were beat to hell, missiles were shot at the bridge, and after some negotiation with the Scow’s AI Reginald (AKA Biggy) eventually the Scow was boarded. Viridian and Sharna split up in true Scooby Doo fashion, with the Ctarl-Ctarl beating down a couple of smugglers and finding an engineer to lead her to the elusive Klikaxan and Viridian securing the engine room where Enayle, claiming to be the engineer, was thought to be cooperative but instead stunned V and made a break for it. An escape pod was seen heading towards the Astrogation Buoy when a Pirate ship jumped in, intercepted the pod, and jumped out shortly thereafter being that Reyna was inbound with station security forces and Luo’s personal guard.

Episode 6 - Waiting for security is usually not part of breaking and entering
Radar RUN!!!!!

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Skylar
Experience points: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves investigating safe houses belonging to the Shill smuggling ring. Both locations seemed to have been vacated in a hurry and after a couple break ins, a theft, a footchase, and a very weird day for several members of station security….you are left with a computer wall unit from one location, a shrinking list of leads, and a brand new oversized sweater.

Feel free to add details.

Episode 5 - George would like a word with you...
Maybe you get meat, maybe you get punch in face.

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

When we last left, our intrepid heroes found themselves in possession of a drive previously owned by the Shill smugglers. Through some fancy repair and security work you managed to extrapolate some data before meeting up with Luo at a place of your choosing.

you chose Karl’s Karnarium. (really?)

Luo was fairly pleased you stopped this smuggling operation but less than thrilled in the high profile nature in whic it was done. he managed to erase you from the record and scrub our involvment in exchange fo the data you recovered. During the exchange, A group of dissidents attacked the Karnarium in an attempt to get at George, the data, or both. George escaped. Some bodyguards got injured (one got partially eaten). Koko managed to hamstring one while Sharna captur3ed another. One Shill grabbed the data pads (Luo’s and Tir’s) and make a break for the kitchen. Viridian’s stomach couldn’t quite handle the sight of the kitchen but Zig was able to gore the shill with a random skull and Altunnius was able to grab the data and make her escape back to the ship. Some mild looting began but was cut short in order to avoid station security. You all made it back to the ship where Luo’s representative picked up the data and Virdian got his busted up data pad back.

Episode 4 - Well, that could have gone better...
Have you seen this man?

Players: Gammon, Jess, Rich, Rob, Skylar, Tim
Experience points: 1

out draw the human with a freezer full of Shill. Splat.

most scatter
a few (the beetle guys and the walking stick guys) stay
swing and a miss, head into the cooler
swing and another miss
The Best you can do?
Swing a freezer and dont miss. Ow. You made me bleed my own blood
Swing, pow. zoom….to the corner of the room

PIck up the ctarl-Ctral with a forklift
drive the lift
ramming speed
ripping heads off
throw a freezer
out the wall

lots of swinging and missing with koko and the walking sticks (seriously, can anyone roll above a 5?)
Well at least splatty mc spits out his teeth missed critically and shot one of his own men.
finally latch on to the other things head…dont let go koko


making a call outside
busy busy busy….oh hi freezer. Oh hi other workers in this part of the station

Have you seen this man? no? Bang.
Have you seen this man? No? Bang.
Put your weapon down. Have you…bang.

Viridian and his green bro go to get the surveillance. Good plan.
Virdiian and his green bro also destroy computers with useful data in them. Not best plan.
Altunnius may have to try and recover that.

finally get through to Luo’s men….Hey, your shills are being stolen. Is that Security? We out. Peace.

Everyone out.

The warehouse partially collapses behind you.

Combat will not always be this long….I promise….well, I’ll do my best.


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