Character experience

Each session is at least 1 experience point, with a bonus point given when either a sidequest/plot line is finished or a great deal of things have been done. Longer game sessions are worth at least 2 experience points. Bonus experience may be given for fleshing out backgrounds, adding to the wiki/adventure log, or out of session rp sessions (either by email or g hangouts) Each character was given a free edge at character creation to aid with building their concept.

Original players started: 5 xp

New players starting: 10xp

Bonus: 1 xp – Completing side plot point – Bug Trouble at Hoseki Station

Bonus: 1 xp – Completing plot point – Special Delivery

Episodes (Current to episode 15): 26 xp

extra experience for out of game activity: *

Active Players

Aron: DICC – 20

James: Brynhold Swiitner- 20

*Jess: Sharna – 34

Maya: One – 22

*Rich: Koko – 33

Skylar: Altunnius – 32

Currently Inactive

*Gammon: Radar – 17

Rob: Zig – 13

Tim: Viridian – 15

See Adventure log for experience breakdowns

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Character experience

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