New edges and Hindrances

Most edges found in the Core Deluxe and Sci Fi companion will be available for use, with exceptions listed below. Check with the GM regarding other edges with prerequisites that may have been altered due to new skills.

Hindrances not available: Doubting Thomas
Edges not available: Champion, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Adept
Arcane backgrounds not available: Miracles. Magic is only available through the Tao Magic edge. Psionics and Superpowers are only available through building an alien race. Weird Science has no restriction.

The following new Edges and Hindrances have been made available for this campaign:


Caster (Novice, Wild Card)
The character has found or inherited an antique Spell Caster pistol or Carbine (players choice) and a variety of shells. Roll 1d4+1 to determine number of caster shells you start with. Roll 2d12 for each shell to determine the type. Casters are shot using the Shooting skill, have a rate of fire of 1, take one action to reload (each shell loaded individually), and a range of 15/30/60 for the pistol or 24/48/96 for the Carbine (2 handed -1 if shot one handed without bracing, snapfire penalty).

Tao Magic (Tao Pirate Guild, GM approval required)
Tao magic utilizes mysterious mystical arts to accomplish amazing feats. Mechanically this is the only way to gain the Powers: Magic background.

Intern (Seasoned, Command, Natural Leader)
A blending of the “Followers” and “sidekick” edges, Intern allows a PC to gain a single nonwildcard follower. As these are Legendary edges, stipulations have been added to offset the much earlier access. This ally, while loyal to the PC, remains under the control of the GM. They may not follow blindly but the PC gains a +2 leadership bonus to persuade/intimidate/otherwise influence the Intern. If the Intern dies it is not immediately replaced. This edge may be taken more than once to have multiple Interns.

Advanced Intern (Veteran, Intern)
Applying this to an existing Intern ally makes that ally into a wildcard. Increase the leadership bonus to +4. Interns are eager to please.

Professional Edges
Bounty Hunter (Seasoned, Smarts d6, Tracking d6+Streetwise d6+)
Bounty Hunters gain a +2 to all Tracking, Streetwise, and Knowledge rolls relating to their current target. You can only have one target at a time. The bonus lasts until the target is found or captured. Due to your reputation you receive +1 on Intimidation rolls.

Captain (Novice, Knowledge (Administration) d6+, GM GM approval required)
After a long time in an organization you are finally the captain of a starship. The ship does not belong to you but to your organization. The good thing is you have command of a spaceship and do not need to care about repairs, maintenance or fuel as the organization takes care of everything…if you can justify it. The bad side is you automatically gain the Organization Dependent (Major) hindrance. this does not count against your hindrance limit.

Diplomat (Seasoned, Smarts d6+, Notice d6+, Persuasion d8+)
The Diplomat is there stop conflict or better yet prevent it from breaking out. You receive +2
to Persuasion rolls and +2 on Notice rolls to determine if someone you are talking to is worried, lying, hiding something etc. NPCs react better to you so you receive +1 on reaction table rolls.

Scavenger (Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+)
A Scavenger travels the vastness of Space on the lookout for forgotten and ruined installations and wrecked starship hulls they can strip of any valuable items and materials. You receive a +2 bonus on Common Knowledge rolls to figure out what an unknown device is used for and how it is used or the value of a find. You also add a +1 to any Repair or astrogation rolls.

Scoundrel (Novice, Gambling d8+, Security d6+, Persuasion d6+)
A scoundrel lives just outside of the boundaries of the law but usually gets out of trouble with a quick tongue. And if that does not work, shooting is always an option. You receive +2 to Charisma and +1 to Gambling, Stealth, Security and Smarts trick rolls.

Smuggler (Seasoned, Piloting d6+, Persuasion d6+)
You get the cargo to wherever it needs to be. Whether it’s legal or illegal doesn’t really matter. Customs agents are your enemy but you are used to dealing with them. You receive +2 to Persuasion rolls when speaking to law enforcement officials and +2 on Piloting or astrogation rolls when you try to stay undetected while flying your ship.

Space Explorer/Scout (Novice, Smarts d8+, one of Knowledge (Life-, Material-, Planetary-, or Social Sciences) d8+
A Space Explorer can be encountered anywhere in the universe, researching and looking for ways to apply their knowledge in new and interesting ways. They always look on the horizon and wonder what is beyond it. A Space Explorer gains +2 on one of the listed knowledge skills of his choosing. As veteran travelers they also receive a +2 on any Survival rolls or Vigor rolls to resist fatigue damage while working in the field.

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Debt (Minor / Major)
You owe a huge debt to someone who intends to collect, one way or the other. The good news is you start the game with 4 x the starting funds, however, you owe double that amount. If it is a minor debt, you still have time to repay the debt or can persuade the debtor not to collect immediately by doing favors or working the debt off. As a major hindrance there is nothing else you can do, the payment date is long overdue. There may be a bounty or a warrant to arrest you for your debt. Someone is actively looking for you.

Organization Dependent (Major)
You are a member of or dependent on the support of a specific organization. While that might have some positive effects it has also many bad ones. You are required to dedicate time to the organization and carry out orders given by your superiors. Not completing these tasks can lead to serious consequences. When you are majorly dependent on your organization and repeatedly neglect your duties, the consequences will be disastrous and possibly life threatening.

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New edges and Hindrances

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