New gear

Nearly all Weapons and equipment from the science fiction companion are allowed. Loans may be taken out to make up for a short fall in funds. To find someone to give a loan, roll streetwise or knowledge administration….just remember that nothing comes cheap. Things may be more expensive or even unavailable depending on where you are.

Selling gear is also possible if you can find someone willing to pay.

Some gear not listed or adjusted are as follows.

Caster gun
Antique bolt action gun which can activate the energies within its special shells to create fantastic and powerful effects.
Cost: $10K minimum (they are considered antiques) or one can be obtained through game play and the New edge.


Caster shells
Mystic energies held within the shells can only be activated with the aid of a caster gun. Caster Shells are identified by number. Costs vary by shell number and availability but can range between $50 and $5000. They are considered antiques. There have been 20 different types of shells discovered.

Light Shields
Light Shields are personal forcefield generators and are available in a few varieties. They are found in the Sci Fi companion under these names.
Force Belt ($500): adds +1 to armor and soaks one wound worth of damage before needing to be recharged
Energy Skin ($200): adds 8 points of armor and can be activated with a successful agility roll or left on for continuous use. There is a chance of overheating if it takes too much damage at once.
Personal Force Field ($2000): adds 4 points of armor. it can stack with other armor and is far more stable. Can be used continuously for 24 hrs before needing a recharge.
Personal Force Field generator ($50K): Sets up a medium burst template energy shield which can deflect 20 points of damage.

Even though it’s origins are unknown, this powerful narcotic has grown in reach and availability. It can be highly addictive as it digs into the user’s subconscious to bring about a feelings/visions of peace and serenity. No two users have described the same experience.
Users are awestruck (shaken, only movement possible; they can be roused by making a Spirit roll minus 2) for 1d4 rounds by the beauty of the visions and immersion in the emotions. 1 level of fatigue is removed but a vigor roll is necessary to avoid the addictive effects. A penalty is aplied to each subsequent vigor roll for each dose taken in a week’s timespan. Some races have other adverse effects to the drug. Constructs, bio androids, and other similar creatures seem to have no reaction to the drug.
Cost:$100/dose but varies with availability and leniency of judicial system.
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New gear

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