New Skills

Skills are used as stated in the Deluxe core book with the following changes and additions.

Athletics (Strength): This skill covers Swimming, Climbing, and general Athletics. Prerequisites that require one or the other use this skill instead.

Knowledge (Administration): Ever wanted to cut the red tape? This is the skill you need. Know what to ask, where to go and who to bribe. Need to write a report for
your superiors or send off information through the correct channels and follow the chain of command? That is this skill too.

Knowledge (Astrogation): Astrogation is the knowledge of FTL travel through Space. It is required to plot the quickest and the safest route through the void and is a h1. must have for every navigator. Astronomy and Astrophysics are both also necessary for successful starship navigation and as such are covered by this skill. This makes it useful for purely scientific characters as well.

Knowledge (Life Sciences): This catchall skill covers biology, botany, ecology, exobiology, genetics, and zoology.

Knowledge (Material Sciences): A skill that covers a lot of different theoretical sciences relating to non-living things including: chemistry, computer science,
mathematics and physics.

Knowledge (Social Sciences): Archaeology, economics, law, and political science are all part of this skill.

Medicine (Smarts): This skill encompasses everything from first aid to surgery to psychiatry. IT replaces Healing. The following applications are covered by the Medicine skill:
General Medicine: The anatomy and physiology of the body, first aid, diagnosis and treatment are all covered.
Pathology: The study of diseases, bacteria, viruses and how they affect the body.
Psychology: How does the mind work? Detect behavior patterns that are not the norm and devise a treatment.
Surgery: How to use anesthetics, perform organ transplantation and routine surgery.

Security (Smarts): This is the skill for opening a locked airlock, disarming a nasty trap, bypassing an alarm or hacking a computer. Since most things are electronic and controlled by a computer in one way or another this skill covers everything relating to breaking into a building, spaceship or computer. It even covers preventing the same! This replaces lockpicking, prerequisites that require it use this instead.

Ship Ops (Smarts): The Starship Operations skill covers all the necessary skills to operate sensors, shields and other spaceship systems. It is required to successfully deploy shields, hack comms, analyze damage reports and diagnostic readouts.

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New Skills

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