Ship combat

Ship to ship combat will be using modified chase rules, pg 82 from the Savage World deluxe book. As space ships can maneuver in 3 dimensions, most of this is very abstract.


Participants (a pilot or ship AI) will first draw a card for each success and raise on their maneuver trait roll, this represents how well they are able to position themselves at the beginning of the round, and keep one as their action card. The more successes they get the more choices for position. The participant with the highest card has advantage and determines the range between combatants as listed below, and can choose a farther range dependent on their goal (escape, evasion, etc). Attacks may be made whether the participant has advantage or not but those without advantage suffer another -2 to attack rolls.

Modifiers to the Maneuver roll:
Speed: the faster ship gets +2, if top speed is twice the value they receive a total +4
Climb: The ship with a better climb score gets +2

  • 2: No attacks possible due to range, blockage, or angle of attack.
  • 3-7: Long range/difficult angle -4 attack
  • 8-10: Medium range/ hard angles – 2 attack
  • J-Q: Short range – No penalties
  • K-A – Close range – No penalties, Grappler combat and boarding actions possible
  • Joker – Choose position, apply range modifier and receive +2 attack

Maneuver rolls are subject to compilations, if the pilot’s card is a club something extra (malfunction, obstacle, etc) happens during that round.

The rest of the crew/players will then be dealt cards and initiative continues as normal.


Following are a list of some possible actions; this is not a definitive list and if you think of something else that you would want to do, we can work something out at the table. Skill used is in bold, action is in italics

Evasive Maneuvers: -2/-4 to be hit, attacks are at a -2
Bring to bear: bring guns into prime position: attacks are +2
Push: Push your ship to it’s limits: success – move a range increment in either direction, draw a card for random complications. Success w/ raise – no card draw
Boarding: Match target speed and vector for boarding actions. Must be close range. Unnecessary if other ship is held by grappler arms.
knowledge: astrogation
Emergency jump: perform a quick FTL jump to safety, -4 to roll due to fast paced situations. Combat ends.

Ship operation, or shooting -2
Attack: see range modifiers
weapons lock: adds +2 to next shooting roll

  • linked weapons fire together and fire as one. Dual linked add +1 hit, +2 damage. Quad linked adds +2 hit, +4 damage.
  • Fixed weapons cannot rotate. They may only be used if a ship has advantage and the ship has been brought to bear.

repair damaged systems: varies depending on damaged area
Knowledge Astrogation
Prepare for emergency FTL: add a +2 to Emergency FTL jump roll
Ship Operation
Activate shields: Shields take a large amount of energy but can absorb damage from enemy missles and fire. Normally shields regenerate (an amount based on the ship size) if no weapons have been fired in a round. A Crew member can reroute power for regeneration a successful roll, draw a card for random complications. Success w/ raise – no card draw
Use counter measures: Electronic counter measures and jammers add a -2/-4 penalty to missle/torpedo attacks made against the ship.
Activate sensors
Hack enemy comms
Hack missile guidance systems

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Ship combat

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