The Silgrians are a peaceful race in the Outlaw Star universe which resemble anthropomorphic birds.

The average Silgrian stands at around 2 meters (~6 ft) tall, though it is not uncommon to see Silgrians that are taller, yet their birdlike bone structure makes them incredibly light, weighing between 50-60 kilograms (~110-130 lbs).

Though physically large, Silgrians have a remarkably slow metabolism, able to sustain themselves for a long period of time on very little nourishment.

Silgrians also have incredible vision, noted to be one of the best among sentient races in the known universe. Their eyes also have two lids, functioning almost as bifocal lenses, granting the species the ability to see not only at incredible distances but at a near microscopic level.

Silgrians have long necks that can make a 180 degree rotation or can turn their head completely upward. This range of motion coupled with their incredible vision makes the species incredibly perceptive and difficult to sneak up on.

Despite their menacing size, their hollow bones makes them on average physically weaker to most Terrans. As such, Silgrians prefer to avoid conflict or run away from a fight should it become unavoidable.

Members of this species tend to have a naturally positive and helpful disposition, and are extremely averse to violence. Silgrians prefer to use their superior perception for peaceful goals, and many Silgrians work as mechanics, scientists, or in the fine arts.
It is often noted that the Silgrians can sometimes be seen as ‘too friendly’ with other races.


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