Space travel


Space is big, and getting anywhere in it takes a ship and a lot of power.

During the TSE, neighboring galaxies became accessible through the use of FTL drives. FTL drives open up hyperspace paths to jump great distances at the cost of tremendous energy. With the ability to reach farther than ever before, Humanity terraformed and colonized many planetoids and came into contact with many other races. The DSE has expanded the reach of many civilizations through the use of the Hub stations which are behemoths capable of creating and maintaining larger and more far reaching worm holes. This has allowed many to enter an era of exploration and commerce never before dreamt of.

Astrogation computers help guide ships around planetary bodies and known gravitational anomalies. Well traveled areas use established astrogation buoys to help plot courses, making it easier to travel to those locations (and to control ingress and egress of ships). Space has been separated into sectors composed of neighboring galaxies and most of these sectors control travel through use of these buoys at key space stations.


Plotting a jump requires a knowledge Astrogation roll that takes 1d6 minutes under normal conditions. There are various conditions which affect this roll.
Same Solar System: +2
Same Galaxy: -0
Different Galaxy: -2 (must be within a ship’s range, usually within one or two sectors)
Rushed/under duress: -4
Extra time taken: +2 /2d6 minutes up to a total of +8
Well traveled locations/established buoys: +2

Success means the ship is able to jump and arrives 2d6 days from its destination. Each raise cuts 2 days off of the total. Time can also be shaved off by expending extra energy (hard burning engines) but that would require piloting rolls, double expenditure of fuel, and possible complications.

Hub Stations are able to maintain worm holes which act as highways with very specific exits. They are used to tavel to distant sectors at which point normal FTL drives would take over. Nearly all Hubs connect to one another through this network of worm holes.

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Space travel

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