Khalef Kokotl



A Shiltolvian (shill-tol-vee-an).

A khalef, a warrior priest. Practices its species’ unusual religion, which involves a brutal cycle of self-mutilation and regeneration.

That strange thing chewing on its own fingers.

A corporate shill.

It has been called many things.


Kokotl, being a khalef, holds a high level of prestige amongst other shiltolvians, as well as several special distinguishing characteristics uncommon to the species, like literacy and wearing clothing. It adheres to Aashres, or the series of religious practices that regulate the behavior of these priests. Notable among these is Aanish, the punishment for failure for living up to these laws: self-mutilation, usually of a specific body part associated with that failure.

Coincidentally or otherwise, the Aashres make the shiltolvians ideal subordinates within a corporate hierarchy, and Kokotl has proven itself to be a surprisingly efficient corporate peon. It flips between supportive supervisor, spineless sycophant, and ruthless enforcer. Kokotl has no friends or family, only has subordinates and bosses. It has more bosses than subordinates, but it’s climbing the ranks with alarming efficiency.

Kokotl left their planet originally because the Company told them to. It turns out that Kokotl really likes being off-world. It’s even faster and stronger than it ever thought possible. It gets to hunt new prey, it gets to lead different packs all the time. It sees itself becoming increasingly valuable to the Company, and additionally, it correlates this to growing ever more favorable in the eyes of Huitzlaldik, its deity which is essentially an amalgam of Old Testament God and Huitzlopochtli, the Aztec god of the sun, war, and human sacrifice, with just enough Christ in there to keep it hip.

The only real devotion it has for anything other than itself is for its religion, specifically its god Huitzltzadik, the Tshateh-Tayakanki (“Pack Leader”).

Archaeopteryx 4

lizard people
stranger than saurons
regenerations make them valuable
second class citizens
rise through ranks
personable yet strange
gets the job done
civil war on planet
brood brothers are miners and ?

more to come…

Khalef Kokotl

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