Brynhold Swiitner



Your planet: (Then) Normal gravity. 70% liquid Ocean, twice size of earth. Earth temperate Average. Above average tech levels. Two main races/populations: Science guys in densely packed scientific enclave cities and Worker dudes in sprawling city states. Large growing population on planet (15 Billion estimated – Sciguys 5 billion, Workdudes 10 billion).
Your planet: (Now) 30% liquid ocean, Nuclear winter storms frequent. City states only lie near equator, Hazardous atmosphere near poles. Sparse population (4 billion estimated – Sciguys approx 500 million, Workdudes 3.5 billion)
Races: Sciguys – Atheist, Governed by a republic based upon merit and lived in large cities walled off from others. Mostly cautious, introspective, calculating, and Weaker physically,but quick minded and reactive when course of action seems clear. Readily pursued and embraced technological advances, such as gene splicing and cybernetics. Later generations have high instances of some minor preternatural gifts. Cities tended to be self sustaining and bastions of great technology, now many cities have been destroyed and their populations decimated. Captured and forced to live in various camps, many opted to escape into space or have hideaways in more hazardous areas of the planet.
Races: Workdudes – Polytheistic and separated between military and labor force, Physically tougher and more aggressive than their neighbors but easily swayed, they were governed at first by military based oligarchy but have developed into an autocratic dictatorship.
History: Both races share a common ancestor but evolved along their different strengths and separated but co existed peacefully for hundreds of generations. The rise of faster than light travel changed that with war erupting over the “morality” of Space travel. Fought to a standstill, the two mighty civilizations decided to meet and work out a peace deal. At what was to be the signing of an historic peace treaty between the two peoples, a massive explosion killed many of the top officials from both races with the exception of a few key negotiators. Investigations found that along with the explosion, a toxic gas was released that was especially deadly to the Workdudes; the targeted gas was interpreted as a sign of betrayal triggering a slaughter of near-genocidal proportions.
You: Your generation birth group had a higher instance of preternatural abilities than any before it. Most exhibited higher capacity for arts/science/scholarship but you actually developed extrasensory abilities. You used your intuition and ESP to excel in various pursuits but especially in your role as a diplomat, reading others emotions and getting flashes of dangerous situations. You were the top negotiator of the Sciguys during the peace summit and, as you escaped relatively unscathed, you have become a person of interest and #1 enemy of the state. You have fled the system but hope to return and find out what happened and who was really to blame. You are currently travelling with a bounty hunter and a space cat, pulling odd jobs and negotiating as the face of the group within the criminal underworld, trying to stay ahead of the occasional assassin/authority and hoping that you may one day be able to help your people.
How does this work for you?

Race stats
(Must equal 2)
(-2) Physically weak – all strength based rolls are -1
(-1) Cautious – Naturally introspective, likes to weigh all options
2) Attribute raise – Smarts start d6, naturally intelligent
(2) Parry +2 – Genetic splicing has honed some physical reactions, able to react to danger better than most.
1) Charismatic – Logical and well known/revered for their intellect; +2 charisma

(-2) Mentally weak – all Smarts based rolls are -1
(-1) Stubborn – Strong willed to a fault. Even when it’s painfully obvious he’s made a mistake he tries to justify it with half-truths and rationalizations
(2) Attribute raise – Strength start d6, naturally powerful
2) Toughness 2 – physically tougher and harder to hurt.
1) Size – Larger than average, between 6ft-8ft normal.

You Personally:
Starting possible Hindrances (Only a small sample, rest are in book, but seemed to work with your background;choose one major and two minor)
Anemic -minor
bad eyes – minor
enemy – minor or major, depends on how often they show up
lame – major
loyal – minor
wanted – minor or major, depends on who is after you

Starting possible Edges
Danger Sense
Psychic powers – Empathy (read emotions), Mind reading, and Deflection (harder to hit, see where things will strike)


Brynhold Swiitner

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