This is not truly one’s name, it is an accessory one uses to ease social interactions as many sentient species one has met in one’s travels seem to be very confused and rather put off with the dance around of what one’s name is. where one comes from, the concept of names are considered esoteric. of those who have traveled, and are familiar with the concept, find the practice of individualizing one’s self through titles as quite crude. generally, anything to insinuate death anxiety is something that one only might think about alone but at the very least behind closed doors. where one comes from, the aim of all is One Consciousness, names are absolutely absurd. since one is separating from One Consciousness, and living among many creatures who seem to deem naming of the utmost importance, one is trying on different pronouns. one hopes to become more comfortable with titles like "I’ and “my” and “me” and “personally” and “possess” and “oneself”. one isn’t there yet. the first step is feeling comfortable with the title, “one”, hopefully soon, possibly “One” and maybe one day “Me”. until then, one would appreciate it if friendly folk would help ease one into this very new world.

Race – The One
Homeworld – PRIME 311 – “One’s Holding”

Lithe, athletic humanoid with long hair tied back. Outwardly smooth skin conceals several highly sophisticated cybernetics. As The One have poor eyesight, One often wears blinders or darkened visors. The One’s primarily sense is tactile, so One tends to have large patches of skin exposed.

You Personally:
Starting possible Hindrances (Only a small sample, rest are in book, but seemed to work with your background;choose one major and two minor)
Arrogant – major
big mouth – minor
curious – major
new Cyber withdrawal – minor or major, depends on how good you are at controlling cyber euphoria. You are unable to shut off body access to cybernetics fully, leaving you fluctuating between normal and stoned.
Debt – minor or major, depends on who you owe and how much
enemy – minor or major, depends on how often they show up
loyal – minor
Overconfident – major
Quirk- minor (fiddling with cybernetics, unable to sit still, etc)
Stubborn – minor
wanted – minor or major, depends on who is after you

Starting possible Edges (at least 2)
Danger Sense
Two fisted
Alertness +2
Cyber tolerant – able to have more cybernetics than usual
geared up

Possible cybernetics – still need to figure out exactly how much debt you are in but these are a few that you may be able to choose. Some were chosen to replace abilities you lost access to
Autodoc – auto heal one wound chance to cure poison/disease may be able t develop your old self healing when ou level though
Combat specialty – gain edge
cyber jack – plug into computer, closest you have to your old race’s ability to mind meld
skill chips – swappable skills
trait/skill bonus
melee weapons – retractable hidden weapons
New Bio manip injection – you inject your own cells into another, Your awareness of those cells allow you some control (they fade/die after a few rounds) and can act as poison or boost traits. Does not work on all life forms. Some have adverse/strange effects

Skills will be mostly Spirit and agility.


One was raised in a priestly society, expected to your duty and ascend to the clergy…leading your people in inner peace and contemplation. You never felt the same peace or understood the need to transcend that your peers felt. You learned the oneness of your body and mastered certain arts of bio manipulation but always felt out of place and were often considered an outsider. You would run off to speak to the pilgrims from other worlds, the spacers and mercenaries that brought them to your sanctuary home and were intrigued by what lies outside of your people and their quest to transcend. Even with all your rebellious ways, your duty was never called into question as one’s obligations to your people was considered all encompassing. Before taking your final steps toward the clergy, giving up of your consciousness, students were expected to go off on a pilgrimage. Naive of the world outside your home, resentful of the sacrifice you were expected to undertake, and still rebellious and full of self assurance you found yourself at a cybernetic body shop. You had met plenty of spacers with cybernetic attachments and were intrigued…the blending of metal and flesh has long been considered anathema and heretical, it was said that one cannot become one with all when you are not one with yourself. The doctor was eager to work on you, none of your race had ever received cybernetic enhancements before, and offered you many things for an opportunity to study you. You eventually relented. The doctor found that your body was easy to work with as cybernetic strain was spread throughout your entire system vs just localized areas and while certain attachments would not work with your physiology others worked faster and better. He was able to develop new technologies specific to your race. You found that the metal, while foreign and strange created euphoric states when they would operate creating a need for more cybernetics. You eventually found out that he was using his studies of your biology for new types of cybernetics and possible had some kind of nefarious plans so you managed to escape, stealing some of his research and headed back home. However, upon arrival, you found that you were no longer able to feel others as you once could. You were unable to connect your mind as you once could. You were cast out and seen as a heretic. You left your home and wandered for awhile. You took up jobs to pay for your cybernetic addiction, utilizing the stolen research on occasion to get deals that usually attracted unwanted attention. Eventually You found that your body could no longer handle any any more cybernetic enhancements. The strain would surpass the old euphoria…You broke yourself of the need for more surgeries but still have the attachments. Now you work as a bounty hunter and part time smuggler to pay back old debts and stay ahead of folk who may still be hunting you.


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