List of corporate entities

Kogyo Combine
Motto: What's Mine is Ours™
Description: A mining conglomerate and definitely not a front for bioengineering and weapons smuggling, no sir.

The Edelstein Consortium

Wong's Famous Noodles:
Trademark: The best noodles in the system™.
Description: A noodle shop that may well be the second-most-powerful economic force in Hoseki Station, with intergalatically-famous noodles made to the standards of a fiercely-guarded family recipe.

Karl's Karnarium
Trademark: It's cheapâ„ !
Description: A bistro beloved of bottom-feeders, a clearinghouse of cheap charnel. Popular amongst the shiltolvians of Hoseki Station, and almost nobody else.

Klaude's Karneval:
Trademark: Meat the family™!
Description: A popular meat-themed fast-food restaurant with a galaxy-famous mascot: a green three-eyed moose with a clown hat and nose. Khalef Kokotl is banned from all of their locations, everywhere, indefinitely and without parole for what was surely a simple misunderstanding. 

Party Incorporated
Trademark: Party on™.
Description: A centuries-old institution that started as a simple bouncy-house proprietor and blossomed to the single greatest party supplier in the known universe. It may or may not be a mob front, and you can't prove it is.

Slippery Jack's Lubratory
Trademark: If it ain't Slippery, it ain't Jack™.
Description: run by the lispin' friction enthusiast and possible mad scientist Slippery Jack, this contractor with Party Incorporated peddles all conceivable manner of grease, gristle, and gunk for getting your gonad giblets going good.

Wong Too's Famous Noodles
Trademark: The second-best noodles in the systemâ„ .
Description: If we're being charitable. They're good enough, I guess. They're certainly not Wong's Famous Noodles. Contracted with Party Incorporated and run by Wong's cousin, who does not have the family recipe, and is totally not bitter about it.

Description: a weapons manufacturer that pioneered ever-popular Energy Claws, a favored company by the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.

List of corporate entities

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