ols07.jpgThe Saurians are speculated to have been created from reptilian DNA from Earth’s prehistory. The history of Saurian’s beyond the general description of their creation is unknown.

Saurians are self-described warriors, who place a great deal of importance on the matter of honor and pride, either in themselves or in their heritage.

Though they may appear incapable of expressive emotion, behavioral signal or signs of their mood can be identified by their tails. A Saurian’s tail twitching typically suggests they are excited or in good spirits.

Saurian can also control the level of their body temperature, an ability that can make invisible to technology that pick up on heat signatures.

Their relationship with Terrans were once colored with prejudice. Terrans apparently believed in the rumor that that Saurians were reptilian dimwitted or hardheaded; Saurians disapproved of the fact that Terrans are mammals.

Law and Lawless

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