The One

Origin: PRIME 311 – “One’s Holding”

Race edges: A unique biology, in which sensitive nerve endings (especially near the skin) directly connects to white and grey neuron clusters throughout the body, has allowed your race to have greater awareness and control over every aspect of your body. This has allowed your tactile senses to develop far beyond other species, able to “see” through faint vibrations and temperature changes almost like radar or infra vision. Those highly trained to hone that sense can even seem to sense danger by oncoming changes in their surrounding environment leading others to mistaken it for extrasensory awareness. Some of your race go beyond even this and learn to the ability to biologically manipulate their own physiology, gaining strength, speed, or being able to self heal. As many of their vital organs are spread throughout their body with redundant systems,They are able to consciously shut down certain organs or reroute uses. They need only a minimum of sleep as their bodies usually run at peak efficiency. Those with great control over mind and body can connect their consciousness, sharing thoughts and emotions.

Race hindrances: As with any well tuned machine, their biology is not without its flaws. The near to total dark of their world has meant that sight never developed to extent of other races, they have notoriously bad eyesight and are susceptible to bright lights. Those travelling off world tend to wear extremely dark visors or even blinders, relying on their other senses. Their sensitive skin and densely packed nervous system, while allowing them to “see” and making their vitals safer, means that they are easier to hurt at times. That skin needs a cool, wet environment to function at its peak and so they thrive in humid environments or need to immerse themselves in water for at least an hour a day. Hot, dry environments, as well as turbulent inclement weather, can befoul their senses and cause fatigue.

(1) Keen Sense – Tactile, can feel vibrations and heat at a distance, rudimentary radar 2 notice checks
(1) No Vitals – Your organs are spread throughout your body in such a way to create redundancies, called shots don’t do extra damage
(1) Sleep reduction – You run at peak efficiency, only require half normal sleep
(2) Heavy G Worlder – starts with a d6 in Strength, doubles normal jumping distances, adds 2 to his Pace, and his running die increases one step.
(2) Bio Manipulation – Near perfect control of your own biological function has allowed your race to perform extraordinary feats. Powers: boost/lower stat, deflection (harder to hit, better reflexes), and environmental protection. Your race tends towards healing, empathy, mental connection but you have lost access to some of those abilities.
(+7) total
(-1) Environmental Weakness – Heat, -4 in dealing with effects
(-1) Frail – toughness -1
(-1) Storm fouled senses – Notice/skill checks are -2 in inclement weather (heavy rain/snow/sand storms)
(-2) Dependancy – Water/moisture: needs a cool, wet environment to function at its peak. need to immerse themselves in water for at least an hour a day (high humidy could suffice).
(-2) Bad eyes – Eyes are underdeveloped and sensitive to light, -2 to all visually focused skill checks unless visor/blinder used to filter light. Without eye protection, Extreme bright light can dissorient/stun for an action
(-7) total

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The One

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